This kit is fully tested and guaranteed to work in your Dell Optiplex 745 Ultra Small Form Factor. Click Here for a quick guide to the Optiplex 745 Ultra Small Form Factor board. Double check your board to see if the top capacitor labeled D is a 16v 1000uF or a 6.3v 1800uF, both are included in the kit.

Capacitor Kit for Dell Optiplex 745 USFF
Item# 745USFF

Product Description

This Kit Includes The Following Capacitors:

13X Nichicon HN 6.3v 1800uF 8X20mm

3X Nichicon HZ 16v 1500uF 10X20mm

5X Nichicon HN 6.3v 820uF 8X11.5mm

8X Nichicon HZ 6.3v 2200uF 10X20mm

1X Nichicon HN 16v 1000uF 8X20mm

Dell's Optiplex 745 Form Factors