If you have a GX-520 or GX-620 SFF you will most likely experience a power supply failure. The fan in the power supply stops spinning and it overheats. The fans are a DC brushless 12v .18A 70mm X 15mm. They use a couple different manufactures but most of them I have seen have been an ADDA model AD0712MS-D70 that I can't find on ADDA's website. I have taken apart one bad fan and it shows a little wear around the white plastic brushing. The 2 power wires from the fan are soldered to the board and the circuit boards are a pain to get out of the power supply casing so I cut the old fan wires close to the fan and splice the new one in and use some heat shrink tubing to insulate the connection. Donít leave too much wiring because you have to stuff it all back in the PSU.

The GX-520 SFF power supply is model: H220P-01, P/N: HP-L2206F3P, Dell P/N: YD358.

The GX-620 SFF power supply is model: H27SP-00, P/N: HP-L275GF3P, Dell P/N: TD570

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I posted a couple pictures of my latest GX520 SFF PSU:


Bad Adda fan