2.5v 820uF Chemi-Con polymer
4v 560uF Sanyo OS-CON SEPC solid polymer
6.3v 1000uF Chemi-Con 8X11.5mm
6.3v 1800uF Samxon GC 8mm
Apple iMac G5 Full poly
Arctic silver 5
Arctic Silver 5 3.5g tube
Capacitor kit Dimension 4300 tower
Capacitor kit Precision 470
Capacitor kit for Apple eMac
Capacitor kit for Apple IMac G5
Capacitor kit for Apple Time Machine
Capacitor kit for Asus P4C800E Motherboard
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-150
Capacitor Kit for Dell GX-260 SDC
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-270
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-270 with Polymer capacitors
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-280 SDC
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-280 SFF
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-280 with Polymer capacitors
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-620 SFF
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-620 USFF
Capacitor Kit for Dell Optiplex 745 USFF
Capacitor Kit For Dell Optiplex GX520 DCCY
Capacitor Kit for Dell Optiplex GX520 DCNE
Capacitor kit for Dell SX-270
Capacitor kit for Dell SX-280
Capacitor kit for Dell SX260
Capacitor kit Optiplex GX-240 tower
Check your Dell warranty
Chemi-Con KZE 16v 680uF 8X20mm
Dell Diagnostic ISO
Dell Optiplex 330 Mini Tower Capacitor Kit
EIA Date Codes
Friends of The Cap King
GX-270 & GX-280 Capacitor Issue
GX-270 South Bridge Issue
GX-520 & GX-620 SFF Power Supply Issue
HEXFET Power MOSFET IRFU series P-Ch -55V -11A 175mOhm 12.7nC
How to recap your motherboard
IBM 8171 Model 31U Capacitor Kit
IBM 8183 model B2U capacitor kit
LCD Repair
List of Capacitor Manufactures
List of Low ESR Capacitor Manufactures
Nichicon HC 25v 22uF 5X7mm
Nichicon HE 50v 680uF 12.5X31.5mm
Nichicon HM 10v 1000uF 8X15mm
Nichicon HM 10v 1000uF 8X15mm on tape
Nichicon HM 6.3v 1000uF 8X11.5mm
Nichicon HM 6.3v 1000uF 8X15mm
Nichicon HM 6.3v 1200uF 8X15mm
Nichicon HN 10v 1000uF 10X12.5mm
Nichicon HN 10v 1500uF 10X16mm
Nichicon HN 10v 2200uF 10X25mm
Nichicon HN 10v 4700uF 12.5X25mm
Nichicon HN 10v 680uF 8X11.5mm
Nichicon HN 16v 1000uF 10X16mm
Nichicon HN 16v 1000uF 8X20mm
Nichicon HN 16v 1800uF 10X25mm
Nichicon HN 16v 2200uF 12.5X25mm
Nichicon HN 16v 470uF 10X12.5mm
Nichicon HN 16v 470uF 8X11.5mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 1000uF 10X12.5mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 1000uF 8X15mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 1500uF 10X12.5mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 1800uF 10X16mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 1800uF 8X20mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 2200uF 10X16mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 2200uF 10X20mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 560uF 8X11.5mm
Nichicon HN 6.3v 820uF 8X11.5mm
Nichicon HV 25v 820uF 10X20mm
Nichicon HV 35v 1000uF
Nichicon HV 35v 220uF 8X11.5mm
Nichicon HZ 10v 1000uF 10X12.5mm
Nichicon HZ 10v 1500uF 10X16mm
Nichicon HZ 10v 1500uF 8X20mm
Nichicon HZ 10v 2200uF 10X25mm
Nichicon HZ 16v 1000uF 10X16mm
Nichicon HZ 16v 1500uF 10X20mm
Nichicon HZ 16v 1800uF 10X25mm
Nichicon HZ 16v 680uF 10X12.5mm
Nichicon HZ 6.3v 1000uF 8X15mm
Nichicon HZ 6.3v 1500uF 10X12.5mm
Nichicon HZ 6.3v 1800uF 10X16mm
Nichicon HZ 6.3v 1800uF 8X20mm
Nichicon HZ 6.3v 2200uF 10X20mm
Nichicon HZ 6.3v 2700uF 10X20mm
Nichicon HZ 6.3v 3300uF 10X25mm
Nichicon LE 2.5v 820uF 8X9mm
Nichicon LE 6.3v 820uF 10X13mm
Nichicon LE Polymer 6.3v 470uF 8X12mm
Nichicon LG Polymer 16v 820uF 10X13mm
Nichicon LG Polymer 6.3v 1800uF 10X13mm
Nichicon PM 35v 47uF 6.3X11mm
Nichicon PM 50v 22uF 6.3X11mm
Nichicon PV 50v 10uF 5X11mm
Nichicon PW 35v 100uF 8X11.5mm
Nichicon PW 35v 330uF 8X20mm
Nichicon PW 50v 120uF 8X15mm
Nichicon VZ 10v 4700uF 12.5X25mm
Nippon Chemi-Con KZE 6.3v 2200uF 10X25mm
Onsite repairs in the Rochester NY area
Panasonic EE 400v 10uF 10X20mm
Panasonic FC 50v 2.2uF 5X11mm
Panasonic FM 25v 820uF 10X25mm
Panasonic FM 35v 1000uF 12.5X25mm
Panasonic FM 6.3v 820uF 8X15mm
Panasonic FR 25v 150uF 6.3X11.2mm
Panasonic FR 25v 47uF 5X11mm
Panasonic FR 35v 1000uF 12.5X20mm
Panasonic FR 35v 270uF 8X15mm
Panasonic FR 35v 470uF 8X20mm
Panasonic FR 35v 560uF 10X20mm
Panasonic FR 35v 820uf 10X25mm
Panasonic FR 50v 220uF 10X16mm
Panasonic FR 6.3v 2200uF 10X20mm on tape
Panasonic FR 6.3v 820uF 8X11.5mm
Polymer Capacitors
Rubycon MBZ 1500uf 6.3v 10mm
Rubycon MBZ 1800uf 16v 10mm
Rubycon MBZ 1800uF 6.3v 8mm
Rubycon MBZ 2200uf 6.3v 10mm
Rubycon MBZ 3300uF 6.3v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 1000uF 10v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 1000uf 16v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 1000uf 16v 8mm
Rubycon MCZ 10v 1000uF 8X16mm
Rubycon MCZ 10v 1500uF 8X20mm
Rubycon MCZ 10v 680uF 8mm
Rubycon MCZ 1200uf 6.3v 8mm
Rubycon MCZ 1500uF 10v 10X16mm
Rubycon MCZ 1500uf 16v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 1500uf 6.3v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 1500uf 6.3v 8X20mm
Rubycon MCZ 16v 680uF 10X12.5mm
Rubycon MCZ 1800uf 16v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 1800uf 16v 10mm CA short leads, (no trimming)
Rubycon MCZ 1800uf 6.3v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 1800uf 6.3v 8mm
Rubycon MCZ 2200uF 10v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 2200uF 6.3v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 3300uF 6.3v 10mm
Rubycon MCZ 470uF 16v 8mm
Rubycon MCZ 680uF 16v 8X16mm
Rubycon MCZ 820uf 6.3v 8X11.5mm
Rubycon PX 10v 3300uF 10X20mm
Rubycon PX 10v 4700uF
Rubycon PX 16v 2200uF
Rubycon RX30 1000uF 35v 12.5X25mm
Rubycon RX30 35v 330uF 10X16mm
Rubycon RX30 50v 47uF 8X11.5mm
Rubycon WXA 16v 680uF 10X9mm
Rubycon WXA 25v 1000uF 12.5X16mm
Rubycon WXA 25v 680uF 12.5X16mm
Rubycon YXF 50v 0.47uF 5X11mm
Rubycon YXF 50v 1uF 5X11mm
Rubycon YXJ 10v 2200uF 10X20mm
Rubycon YXJ 25v 33uF 5X11mm
Rubycon ZL 10v 2200uF 12.5X20mm
Rubycon ZL 10v 220uF 6.3X11mm
Rubycon ZL 10v 470uF 8X11.5mm
Rubycon ZL 16v 1200uF 10X23mm
Rubycon ZL 25v 220uF 8X11.5mm
Rubycon ZL 25v 470uF 10X16mm KC
Rubycon ZL 35v 220uF 8mm
Rubycon ZL 470uF 25v 10X16mm
Rubycon ZL 6.3v 4700uF 12.5X30mm
Rubycon ZLG 16v 1200uF 10X23mm
Rubycon ZLG 16v 2200uF 12.5X25mm
Rubycon ZLG 16v 330uF 8X11.5mm
Rubycon ZLG 25v 1000uF 12.5X20mm
Rubycon ZLG 25v 100uF 6.3X11mm
Rubycon ZLG 25v 10uF 4X7mm
Rubycon ZLG 25v 220uF 8X11.5mm
Rubycon ZLH 16v 100uF 5mm
Rubycon ZLH 16v 220uF 6.3X11mm
Rubycon ZLH 35v 1000uF 12.5X20mm
Rubycon ZLH 35v 1500uF 12.5X30mm
Rubycon ZLH 35v 1500uF 16X20mm
Rubycon ZLJ 10v 1000uF
Rubycon ZLJ 10v 330uF 6.3X11mm
Rubycon ZLJ 25v 1000uF 10X20mm
Rubycon ZLJ 25v 150uF 6.3X11mm
Rubycon ZLJ 25v 330uF 8X11.5mm
Rubycon ZLJ 25v 470uF 10X12.5mm
Rubycon ZLJ 25v 680uF 10X16mm
Rubycon ZLJ 270uF 16v 6.3X11mm *On Tape
Rubycon ZLK 10v 1000uF 8X20mm
Rubycon ZLK 25v 1000uF 10X25mm
Rubycon ZLK 25v 330uF 8X16mm
Rubycon ZLK 25v 820uF 10X20mm
Rubycon ZLK 35v 330uF 10X16mm
Rubycon ZLK 35v 470uF 10X20mm
Samxon 10v 680uF
Samxon GK 25v 22uF 5X11mm
Samxon RS 10v 3300uF 10X30mm
Samxon RS 16v 220UF
Sanyo 2SC5707 Transistor
Specs for Rubycon and Nichicon Capacitors
Sunon KDE1204PFV2 40X40X10mm
Sunon KDE1207PHV1 70X70X15mm
SX-270 & SX-280 Capacitor Issue
SX-280 Full Polymer Kit
United Chemi-Con KMA 50v 10uF 6.3X7mm
United Chemi-Con KZE 10v 1000uF 8X20mm
United Chemi-Con KZE 16v 2200uF 12.5X25mm
United Chemi-Con KZE 16v 3300uF 12.5X35mm
United Chemi-Con KZE 25v 330uF 8X15mm
United Chemi-Con KZH 25v 1000uF 10X25mm
United Chemi-Con LXZ 35v 330uF 10X16mm
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