Samsung LCD TVs:

My Samsung LCD TV started taking a long time to get a picture so I looked into the issue and it seems to be a very common thing for these units to fail. There is even a class action suit website Here . Samsung used Samwha WB capacitors which according to Samwha were obsolete in 99, being replaced by the MK series. I have read a lot in forums about people using radio shack capacitors to replace these and I would recommend against that because their capacitors are general purpose with a lower temp and ripple rating so they probably will not last very long. I will post some pictures when I get around to taking mine apart.


Samsung Settlement

Scott over at lcdalternatives has a kit for almost every major LCD and some great tutorials.

Tech Report


Dell LCD Monitors:

I have had a lot of Dell LCDs fail recently so I began looking into fixing them. Probably the best resource I have found online is I have the replacement 5707 transistors Here